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 ZOOK Graphite Rupture Disks


MONO Graphite Rupture Disk


Mono Disks meet most processing applications.  They are designed to fit Class 150 flanges and are available in diameters from 1/2" to 24" at burst ratings from 1/4 PSIG for coincident temperatures to 700F.  Eleven standard ratings from 10 to 150 PSIG are carried in factory stock for fast delivery.


INVERTED Graphite Rupture Disk

Inverted Disks typically are supplied in higher burst ratings and are produced for Class 150 and 300 flanges.  Inverted Disks possess the same temperature characteristics and minimum burst ratings as Mono Disks.  However, where vacuum supports are required, the Mono Disk must be specified.  Five standard ratings from 175 to 300 PSIG are carried in factory stock for fast delivery.


DUPLEX Graphite Rupture Disk

Duplex Disks extend corrosion resistance to highly oxidizing agents, halogens except free fluorine, and virtually all other corrosives.  A sheet of PTFE is used as a barrier on the service side of the disk.  These disks are processed to accommodate temperatures to 392F without insulation.


TWO-WAY Graphite Rupture Disk

Two-way Disks offer different burst pressures in opposing directions.  Typical applications include protection of storage tanks against vacuum and positive pressure, use in manifold vents to protect sister disks against back-pressure, and as quick-acting valves.


INSULATED Graphite Rupture Disk

Insulated Disks accommodate temperatures exceeding 338F to 700F, but is not available for Two-way Disks, or for disks with ring or plate vacuum supports.  Insulated Disks are furnished as an attached unit because the nameplate rating of the disk must be established at the cold face temperature of the insulation.


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