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 ZOOK Transportation Rupture Disks


AC Series Rail Car Rupture Disk


Designed for AAR 2" rubber covered safety vents without precise seats.  This disk features a large outside diameter.


  • Allows extended use for a full year without change-out regardless of number of trips logged

  • Unaffected by virtually all corrosives except elemental Fluorine

  • Provides maximum full bore venting capacity

  • Steel armored for added strength

  • Flexible liner used on pressure side to automatically provide a degree of temporary reclosure after venting an overpressure incident

  • TFE lined on pressure side

  • TFE coated on vent side to prevent chemical attack from either side

  • High Visibility Green TFE coating for visual indication of disk integrity and easy inspection

  • Non-asbestos gasketing on vent side, VITON on pressure side


RC Series Rail Car Rupture Disk

Designed for AAR 2" metal seated safety vents.  


  • same feature list as AC Series Rail Car Rupture Disk


TD Series Transportation Rupture Disk

Designed specifically for use in over-the-road tank trailer applications.  TD Disks replace lesser performing metal and graphite type disks and are designed to mount in Class 150 ANSI flanges.


  • Constructed of Zook's proprietary Impervious Graphite material which assures accurate burst performance

  • Each disk is equipped with a steel armor ring

  • Pressure side is flat and lined with PTFE

  • All surfaces are spray coated with PTFE

  • Disks include gaskets already attached for installation

  • Gasketing includes PTFE attached to the pressure side and non-asbestos attached to the vent side

  • Self-supporting under full vacuum at burst ratings of 25 PSIG and higher

  • Failsafe design


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